• 4 Reasons You Should Consider Biking Through the Winter


Goodbye, Gas Stations

Abandoned Gas Station - Glen Rio, Texas

When I managed parking for Zipcar in San Francisco, some of my favorite partners were gas station owners. They were often characters in their own right who loved to chat and worked hard as independent operators running a station or two with their families. It turns out, Nick, Raj, Evelyn, Hassan, and Sam were representative of most of the country’s gas station owners.

Week in Review – January 20, 2016


From groundbreaking announcements to the growing availability of odd, scooter-like devices that we insist on calling hoverboards even though they don’t fly, this week’s news continued to be chock full of mobility updates of all shapes and sizes. Here are a few Read the full article…

Taking Future Vehicle Design Ideas From a Horse?

No Stress

Could the humble horse and wagon hold key insights for future transportation systems and vehicle design? How could an animal that man first domesticated over 5000 years ago be at all relevant in a modern world of drones, ride sharing, ride hailing, ride pooling, transportation network companies, one hour package delivery, and autonomous vehicles?


The Most Impactful Mapping Technology: Crayons?

Crayons and paper can’t possibly be as important as GPS-enabled smartphones and open data layers when it comes to mapping cities. Or can they? One group in India is out to prove that they just might be. And don’t let the medium deceive you. These low tech tools are driving conversations to the highest levels of government.

Taking School Zones Beyond Danger Zones

More than 20,000 schoolkids in Detroit walk to their bus, a public bus, or school each day. Often times in the dark. They pass abandoned homes, cross the street to avoid shadowy figures, and dodge potholes. Some are robbed. Some much worse. Over the course of the past couple of months, I’ve spoken with numerous friends, colleagues, and organizations in Detroit about this challenge. Standing idly by is just not an option.