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Winter Bike Ride

4 Reasons You Should Consider Biking Through the Winter

Winter bicycling in the city is in fact different. But there are also some reasons that it is – gasp! – better than the alternatives. Here’s what I mean…

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Biking Around Detroit

Taking School Zones Beyond Danger Zones

More than 20,000 schoolkids in Detroit walk to their bus, a public bus, or school each day. Often times in the dark. They pass abandoned homes, cross the street to avoid shadowy figures, and dodge potholes. Some are robbed. Some much worse. Over the course of the past couple of months, I’ve spoken with numerous friends, colleagues, and organizations in Detroit about this challenge. Standing idly by is just not an option.

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Bicycle Style – Best Halloween Bike Costumes

By popular demand, I’m reposting my list of the best Halloween costumes for you and your bicycle (with a little inspiration from the movies). Show up in style on your bike at this year’s parties!

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Detroit Map - Designing Cities Bike Ride

Seeing Detroit

Henry David Thoreau famously once said, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” And if good old Hank were here, I think he would have approved of this past weekend’s bike excursion. My ride cobbled together an usual set of destinations — two iconic buildings and a reclaimed vacant lot — all with the goal of seeing Detroit through new eyes.

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Belle Isle Conservatory -- Belle Isle, Detroit

Belle Isle Pick-Me-Up Bike Ride

“Don’t let them win by continuing to hold onto the anger,” my sister reminded. So in that moment I turned to what I often do when I need to clear my head: exercise. It was getting late, but there was enough daylight left for a decent ride around my old standby Belle Isle.

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