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Cars parked on the sidewalk in Bucharest

The “Car Sweating” Life

Free or for fee, zoned or not, parking in many American cities is notoriously difficult to find. So tough so that entrepreneurs are flocking to the opportunity and designing creative ways to attack the problem. In other countries, however, entrepreneurs of a different sort are making a living capitalizing on the management of on-street parking inventory.

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Look right! London crosswalk

Walking in London & the Future of Connected Pedestrians

As a connected pedestrian of the future, will I encounter invisible fences or automatic jaywalking payments? Will my Google Maps automatically recognize me as an American walking in London and kindly remind me to “Mind the traffic” as I approach the curb? This week’s trip to London got me thinking.

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Manhattan Traffic Jam on 5th Ave

On-Demand Ride Services: Is New Mobility Tech Adding to the Traffic Tragedy of the Commons?

Traffic, of course, is a classic example of the tragedy of the commons. On-demand services are just the most recent arrivals to the village green. Rather than throwing rocks at the newcomers and trying to run them off, we all should all take a deeper look at the transportation modes that we and the cities we call home prioritize.

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Winter Bike Ride

4 Reasons You Should Consider Biking Through the Winter

Winter bicycling in the city is in fact different. But there are also some reasons that it is – gasp! – better than the alternatives. Here’s what I mean…

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Biking Around Detroit

Taking School Zones Beyond Danger Zones

More than 20,000 schoolkids in Detroit walk to their bus, a public bus, or school each day. Often times in the dark. They pass abandoned homes, cross the street to avoid shadowy figures, and dodge potholes. Some are robbed. Some much worse. Over the course of the past couple of months, I’ve spoken with numerous friends, colleagues, and organizations in Detroit about this challenge. Standing idly by is just not an option.

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