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Belle Isle Conservatory -- Belle Isle, Detroit

Belle Isle Pick-Me-Up Bike Ride

“Don’t let them win by continuing to hold onto the anger,” my sister reminded. So in that moment I turned to what I often do when I need to clear my head: exercise. It was getting late, but there was enough daylight left for a decent ride around my old standby Belle Isle.

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Pizza and whisky for first breakfast

Tour de Grizzlies – Food Obsessions

It naturally follows that being able to consume lots and lots of food would be an appealing aspect of bike touring for me. All I had to do was sleep, ride, hike, occasionally bathe, avoid being eaten by bears, and eat? At the distances we would be riding, my body would transform into a calorie incinerator operating at maximum capacity!

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Day 3: Another killer downhill on the way to Bow Lake and Simpson's Num-Ti-Jah Lodge for lunch. It turns out that Num-Ti-Jah is Canadian for "No Lunch Left." They'd sold out of food (??), and we were ravenous after a limited breakfast. Pleading with the front desk staff to see if the kitchen was open yielded nothing. I resorted to making sandwiches with what was available: crackers, baby carrots, and copious amounts of Heinz yellow mustard.

Tour de Grizzlies – Scenic Photo Edition

Eventually I’ll write up a real post about the bike touring trip from Jasper to Banff. But in the meantime, here are some of the photos that I’ve been promising everyone.

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Cruising on Woodward Ave

Three Views of Woodward Avenue

Everything was fine and familiar until I snapped back into reality up near Palmer Park and noticed that the directions were about to take me onto Woodward Ave. My brain argued back. Now Siri and Google were clearly conspiring to kill me in an auto-on-bicyclist showdown. This was the “beta directions” part they always warn you about… Maybe it was the hubris of conquering mountains that got to me, but I decided to take that challenge and give old Woodward a go. And as cars whizzed by, I started thinking more about what the road is and what it means to Detroit(ers) today and what it will mean for us in the future.

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Why did the grizzlies cross the road?

She’s Going Biking in Grizzly Country

With a whole two weeks to prep, plan, and train, I pulled the trigger today on tagging along for a portion of a friend’s bicycling tour in the Canadian Rockies.

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