Hello, Outer Sunset

The past two Saturdays have found us closer to home, cruising around the Outer Sunset and enjoying its slower paced, beach neighborhood vibe. While the people there must suffer from months of being socked in by fog, it doesn’t seem to have turned them bitter or depressed. Instead, they seem to have done the opposite and reached out to one another to build something unique. Punctuated by a host of independent shops and loads of good eats, the Sunset has a community feel unlike anything else we’ve found yet in San Francisco.

Riding in the ‘hood is easy with wide streets and only the slightest of hills. If you can’t find a proper bike rack (this is still San Francisco after all) there are plenty of no parking signs to lock up to.

My neighborhood favorites around Irving and 45th include Mollusk Surf Shop and the General Store for browsing and window shopping. Brunch at Outerlands is tasty, but this girl decided after her one and only visit that no breakfast is worth a 3 hour wait. Instead, grab a goodie from Trouble Coffee or ride a few blocks further to Devil’s Teeth on Noriega and snag a breakfast sandwich or $1 beignets on Sundays.

Last weekend we also ventured into 3 Fish Studios for the first time after stumbling across one of their postcards around town. Artist and co-owner Eric Rewitzer is disarmingly friendly and overflows with enthusiasm for printmaking. In the course of a short conversation, we discovered common ground as former Seattleites, debated about the best pizza in the Richmond, touched on homebrewing, and got to poke through stacks of linoleum blocks. (He teaches classes for only a hundred bucks, so if you’ve always wanted to try your hand at linocut prints, check it out!)

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