So You Want to Ride Your Bike to Work? — Best Tips from the Web

Winter might seem like an odd time of year to consider starting to bike to work, but with big sales on sporting goods in January, it’s actually one of the best times of year to get a great deal on a new bicycle. Thinking about it now, both of my bicycles were acquired the same winter in a bit of a bike-buying binge. I scored my beloved Greenie vintage Schwinn on Craigslist from someone who needed holiday cash, and the Masi was snapped up at an end-of-year closeout sale.

Whether you’re hoping Santa leaves you a set of wheels under the tree or whether riding more will be part of a New Year’s resolution, here are a few resources from some of the best bike bloggers on the web to get you started.

Mind Your Manners

Even experienced riders can benefit from Lovely Bicycle’s refresher in civil riding: Bike Lane Etiquette?

Photo | Paul Krueger

Take the Road Less Traveled

When riding your bike to work, the best route may not be the one you are used to driving or taking by transit. Look over local bike maps or ask a cycling friend for suggestions, and even then, don’t be afraid to check out other side streets. Dottie at Let’s Go Ride a Bike details the evolution of her daily ride In Search of the Most Peaceful Commute.

Photo | Jack Fussell

Don’t Sacrifice (Hair)Style for Safety

Check out these hairstyles sure to have you looking good on your bike and in the office: Refinery29, Helmet Hair, Begone!

Photo | Maegan Tintari 


Indulge in a little retail therapy and add some functional flair to your bike with locks, bells, fenders, baskets, and bags for your bike. Julie at The Julie Blog takes you through her favorites in LadyBiker Tips.

Photo | slimmer_jimmer

Ride Over the Bumps in the Road

Flat tires and nasty-driver days happen. Meet the bumps in the road with grace and a little inspiration from Velojoy: When Life Intervenes: How to Get Back to Biking.

Photo | Shandi-lee Cox


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  1. Really good pointers! I’ve been wanting to share some well written tips to share with my community to get them to bike to work and not only in the weekend! Thanks for sharing and great pic selection!

  2. Thanks, Francesca. Glad you found it useful. I had fun pulling together some of my favorite resources from the web.

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