Like Grandfather, Like Granddaughter

A few weeks ago, I made a long overdue trip to visit my dad in Arizona, and we spent several evenings that weekend digging out, thumbing through, and organizing family photos. Piled away in boxes was the snapshot version of our family history — but in no particular order. Great, great grandparents intermingled with cousins mixed with me and my sister as kids.

Of the many surprises were these two bicycle-themed gems. That’s me rocking the badass training wheels. And the other is my grandfather in 1959 on a sweet ride of his own.

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  1. What a wonderful find, both of those photos!
    thanks for sharing your family gems with us all
    meligrosa recently posted…Fotodiary few #2My Profile

    • Glad you enjoyed them. One of my favorite pastimes is digging through old photos in antique and vintage stores, so the project with my dad was that much more fun — because it was our own family this time!

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