Thirsty Thursday – Rosamunde Sausage Grill

Bike friendly bar: beer and sausage at Rosamunde Sausage Grill

There’s just something about bicycles and beer. They are made for each other. Add in some unique pub grub, and you have magic in the making. With Beer Week in town earlier this month, I’ve been hunkered down avoiding the insanity of lines and crowds, but thankfully things should be back to normal by now. Rosamunde Sausage Grill in the Mission District might be just the bike friendly bar to ease back into things.

With its original counter shop on Haight St next to Toronado, Rosamunde cemented itself in the hearts and minds of San Franciscans as the perfect pairing for specialty beer. At its Mission St outpost, the two ingredients come together under one convenient roof because, hey, sometimes you don’t want to walk two doors down to grab some food. (Rosamunde has further expanded its sausage and sauerkraut empire to locations in Oakland and can’t-get-more-hip Williamsburg, Brooklyn.) All of this success begs the question: is Rosamunde a beer bar that serves fantastic sausages or a sausage joint that also happens to have killer beer? And where do bikes fit in?

Any bar that installs 27 taps is a friend of mine, but Rosamunde goes a step further by offering over 40 more beers in bottles at fair prices. They also have beer lovers’ wallets in mind with Happy Hour discounts and special events.  When it comes to the menu, Rosamunde knows how to make a mean sausage, or so I’m told by friends who enjoy such meaty things. The chalkboard menu reads like the roll call from Noah’s Ark and includes specialties like lamb, duck, and wild boar but also makes room for more traditional items like knockwurst and bratwurst. Vegans and vegetarians among us (hello!) even have choices with kielbasa, Italian style, and apple sage.

Like pretty much everywhere else in town, Rosamunde gets hopping in the evenings, so if you want a laid back, easygoing atmosphere, make this a stop or destination on a weekend ride. Sit inside at the bar, share a bench and make a new friend, or score one of the patio tables and watch life on Mission St roll by. The owners were even kind enough to install heaters to keep us cozy through chilly summers.

Infographic: Bike Friendly Bar - Rosamunde Sausage GrillLocated on Mission St between 24th and 25th, the bar is easily accessible from Valencia St’s bike lanes. The only thing keeping Rosamunde from being a truly bike friendly joint is its lack of good bike parking. The solo rack out front is usually stacked two bicycles deep, so you’ll probably have to lock up to a meter or street sign. After hearing all of the horror stories about stolen bikes when I moved to San Francisco, I’m still nervous about times about locking and leaving my two-wheeled friend. But here, even if I’m not lucky enough to grab a table on the patio, there are other sets of eyes out there watching the bikes. Wouldn’t it be great if they could get an on-street bike corral installed by the city?

Parking problems aside, Rosamunde is a bike friendly watering hole made for cyclists. It’s in the heart of a neighborhood known for easy riding, and the food and beer deliver high on flavor.



And before I say adios, let’s get something straight. I am not suggesting, endorsing, or supporting drunk biking. Please don’t ride if you are impaired. It’s dangerous for yourself and everyone else on the street. Not only is it just plain stupid, but you could wind up on the wrong side of the law. Or dead. So toss your bike on Muni or BART and let a sober transit driver haul you home, ok?


Photo: Rosamunde sausages + beer at Toronado | liquidsunshine49 

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