Hello, Portland!

Broadway Bridge, Portland

The City of Roses, Bridgetown, Stumptown, Portlandia, or Bike City. Call her what you will, but I’m calling Portland home. Yup, that’s right, after a two stint in San Francisco, we packed up at the end of July and headed back to the Northwest.

It’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me, largely because I couldn’t write about riding. Because I wasn’t. After battling for months with my bike commute, I finally admitted to myself that I hated bicycling in San Francisco. No matter what route I tried, or whether I left early or late, it was just. not. fun. So I stopped. I won’t dwell on it any more, but it was my fellow riders that put me over the edge.

Which brings us to Portland. I cannot believe how things turned out, but I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to take a new role at work. And since I’ll be traveling a lot more (stay tuned, many new bike adventures to come!), I also had some flexibility in where to call home. Which is how we came to be here.

And I’m back on my bike. Which is some of the best news of all!

Photo | Matt Johnson


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