Crazy Cat Lady

Sometimes life gives you cats. Loads and loads of cats. And so it was with our impromptu feral cat safari in Corpus Christi, TX. I’d flown down on a surprise visit for my sister’s birthday. We had the hot, lazy weekend to kick back together with her boyfriend and were debating over what might be worth leaving the air-conditioned cocoon of their apartment. Suddenly a flash of inspiration crossed her mind, and her eyes sparked. We had to go walk around the local Texas A&M campus and see the cats. In Seattle and Portland, an evening stroll around the block to visit the cat neighbors was one of my favorite ways to wind down a day, so naturally I was game.

I haven’t been able to turn up much information about how the cats got there in the first place or even how many there are. She tells me volunteers help to manage the colony’s population through a catch, neuter, and release program. Students put out food and water. And although having the cats around must have some kind of impact on the birds on campus, there were still plenty flitting through the trees.

At first, it looked like it was going to be a slow day for new feline friends, but patience and persistence paid off. I wished I had packed my good camera but enjoyed snapping a few cat portraits with the trusty iPhone.

Feral cats actually would make a second appearance on this same Texas trip. While out on the Katy trail the first morning I was in Dallas later that week, I ran by a group of cats as they chowed down on breakfast kibble put out by a kind-hearted local.

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