Belle Isle Pick-Me-Up Bike Ride

If you know me well, you’ll know that it takes a lot — A LOT — for me to get mad. But when I’m upset, I can get really angry. And yesterday, something that’s been brewing for a while set me off. While the details are irrelevant here, it’s safe to say, I was not in a good way. My sister bore the brunt of it, and through a series of calm and patient text messages, talked me back off the ledge. “Don’t let them win by continuing to hold onto the anger,” she reminded.

So in that moment, I turned to what I often do when I need to clear my head: exercise. It was getting late, but there was enough daylight left for a decent ride around my old standby Belle Isle. As I crossed the bridge over the Detroit River, I actively imagined throwing the nonsense off into the water below.

As luck would have it, the island park was in rare form. The early autumn air, long light from the setting sun, and salmon clouds punctuating a crisp sky made for an unforgettable evening of bike riding here in Detroit.

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