Week in Review – January 20, 2016

From groundbreaking announcements to the growing availability of odd, scooter-like devices that we insist on calling hoverboards even though they don’t fly, this week’s news continued to be chock full of mobility updates of all shapes and sizes. Here are a few of my favorites.


Photo credit: Jason Tester

From Carstache to Mega Cash

As everyone in the industry continues to buzz about General Motors’ recent investment in Lyft (don’t forget about the $100m from Saudia Arabia’s Kingdom Holding Co!), let’s also take a moment to remember the one year anniversary of the end of the famous, fuzzy pink mustache. I was never a fan, but this cheap marketing tactic put the company on the map.

If You Build It, They Will Come

Last week The Atlantic’s CityLab shared a fantastic overview of new research that applies epidemiological principles to one of my favorite topics: parking. Now, even if you don’t love this subject as much as I do, you know an article is going to be an interesting read when an it starts out, “In the urban planning world, a parallel to the smoking-cancer connection is the tie between parking and driving.” Check out the strongest case yet that excessive parking causes more driving.

On a Roll

In the spirit of CES, I pulled together this video sampling of devices that are out to disrupt walking. And although major US-based airlines banned hoverboards on flights just before the holidays, I for one could have used such a transportation option on my long recent treks through London’s Heathrow Airport. Here’s to hoping we get lithium ion battery safety sorted soon.




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